The Mystery Box

During the Summer of 2012, SYNC sent a "mystery box" to photographers across the USA. The "box" was sent to unexacting SYNC Alumni with no warning. The randomly selected SYNC attendees were surprised and delighted when the mystery box showed up on their studio door steps.  After a Summer and Fall of mystery, the content of the box was finally revealed at SYNC 2014.  In the box was an iPad and instructions to record a favorite photographic tip, marketing idea, or set/background creation that would help the SYNC attendees grow their business. After the selected photographer was finished, they were instructed to send the box on to the next person on the list. As you can imagine, the social media buzz and the ideas collected on the iPad was priceless. At SYNC 2014, H&H Color Labs compiled all video clips onto DVD's and each attendee took home over 45 brand new concepts for their studio business. To see the reaction and some very funny video clips of the Box as it arrives at studios all over the USA, visit our YouTube Channel. (side note: Don't miss Julie Klaasmeyer's video!) 

Blair Phillips was the host of the 2014 Opening Night "In It To Win It", he had one job... get the box to SYNC. This is his story... 

  • Blair Delivers "the Box"

    The opening night mystery box delivery from SYNC 2013. Staring Blair Phillips.