Hearts of Fire Award

SYNC wants to help give back... to the industry and more. The Hearts of Fire Award Program is a way that the staff of SYNC is able to give fairly and to many. The goal of this program is to acknowledge an individual or company who makes a difference through their good works, efforts or charity involvement and help bring awareness to their cause, effort or charity.

We honor people/companies who help their neighbors; bring awareness to causes big and small; make us strive to be better; lift our spirits; make our communities a better place; represent the best of our photography industry. These are people/companies who go above and beyond with Hearts of Fire! Help SYNC find these individuals or companies to share their story by submitting a nomination. SYNC wants to help tell their stories of the good, the hopeful and the inspirational.

Nominate an individual or company you know that is making a difference by going above and beyond with a Heart of Fire today!

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