When you enter the trade show you are walking into a space designed especially for professional photographers. The general public is not allowed to see and experience the products and services that are showcased for you at SYNC 2017. Within the trade show you will find companies who will help you grow as a small business owner. Print labs, background companies, frames, software, camera equipment and more. This is a photographers dream place to shop and browse. The trade show is a highlight of the SYNC 2017 event.


The vendors and sponsors listed below will be in the SYNC trade show. You can meet each of these companies and see their products and services first hand. We never list vendors or sponsors who are not actually at our event. Keep checking back as this list will continue to grow. 



Additional highlights of the trade show:

• SYNC Sports Stadium - get short mini programs from leaders in volume sports photography during the trade show hours. A full schedule will be posted in the Fall. 

• SYNC "Surf Shack" Shoot Out - A unique photo contest sponsored by Panasonic, Denny MFG, Wescott, DTG (Canon Printers) and SYNC.