Monday, November 13, 2017
By Kevin Harrington
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Guest Blogger: Kevin Harrington 

Muhammad Ali's best friend was a photographer. Sound familiar?  Well, this isn't going to be that kind of story.  His friend, Howard Bingham, really is a professional photographer.  He documented much of Ali's history with incredible images.  But I digress...     
Several years ago I had the privilege of creating the senior portraits of Muhammad Ali's youngest son, Assad.  I knew that Muhammad had a very good friend who was a professional photographer, Howard Bingham.  When scheduling our seniors, we always ask how they heard of us.  Lonnie Ali said, "this is where all his friends went and the pictures are great".  The whole process couldn't have been more "normal", except maybe for one of the appointments when Muhammad came along and stood in the parking lot doing some stretches.  Our studio is located at the only stoplight in our little town of about 500 villages, so needless to say, having Muhammad Ali in our building... that got some attention!
After Mrs. Ali was finished with the order I wanted to address the subject of Howard Bingham and possibly even ask why he hadn't done the photos for their son.  I mentioned that I had seen his display at Imaging USA to start the conversation rolling.  She said how great Howard was and what a wonderful photographer, but that she knew they would probably never get any images if they had him do the senior pictures.  Laughing about the fact that he wasn't very organized, as many creatives aren't. 


I think this speaks not only to having strong systems and workflow in place, but also to selling printed photographs, and frames.  Almost all of our seniors purchase wall-sized portraits and frames from Harrington Pix.  We take the time to assist them in selecting their favorite images, and from those, we help move them to the ones that would make the best display.  Then we help them choose the best frame to really make the image come to life.  Doing this takes a commitment on our part and theirs, but not having these systems in place only makes it harder for people to get our beautiful images on their walls where they can be enjoyed for years.  Left to their own devices, people will not take the time to order their images, and even if they do, will they be printed correctly?  Will they take them to a frame shop to find that perfect frame?  Probably not.  Selling files to customers rather than prints and frames is not serving them completely. We want to be a full-service studio and serve our clients completely. 
I'm happy to say the Ali family has several images of Assad, framed beautifully and displayed for all to see.  I can just imagine Muhammad going up to them before his passing and making his famous "boxing face" and holding a fist up to salute his son, Assad.   
Kevin Harrington 
Three Oaks Michigan 
You can hear more from Kevin Harrington on the main stage at our portrait photography conference, SYNC 2018. Kevin is one of 20 talented presenters that will be live at SYNC. If you would like more information on attending SYNC, visit this section of our website.  
All images are copyright @harringtonpix and should not be used or distributed without written permission from Kevin Harrington. 
Thursday, November 09, 2017
By Darty Hines
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You can and you will.

"We weren't charging enough. We weren't making enough. I did not know how I was going to provide for my family." 


If this sounds like you... watch the video below and then head to SYNCrocks to register for the photography conference and trade show everyone is talking about. SYNC is an event that will connect you with over 400 portrait photographers who will quickly become your friends and family. 

We are all on a Journey. Don't take the trip alone. Start your journey to Destin, Florida where you will learn from top educators, talk to leading vendors, and connect with fellow photographers at fun events.  

Watch the video below then click the link to start your Journey to SYNC 2018 today! 

SYNC is a portrait photography conference and trade show. We believe in providing creative entrepreneurs with the tools they need to build a successful photography business. These tools include pre-convention classes where you can spend a full day with leading influencers in the photography community. The Marten family will change the way you think about business.  

You can add the Marten family's Jump Start class to your SYNC registration. This full-day pre-convention class will take place on Friday, February 23rd, 2018. Spend quality time with the Marten Family and their business coach, David Hilton and you will leave the class with the tools you need to turn your CAN'T into CAN. 

The class includes the following bonuses and potential prizes: 

1. Free Tshirt for each student in the class. 
2. The Photographer's Business Audit home study course for each student in the class. 
3. VIP social with the students of the class and other industry leaders. 
4. Your chance to win lunch or dinner with the Martens during SYNC 2018. 
5. Your chance to fly to Montana to spend two days mentoring with the Martens - ALL EXPENSES PAID. 

Over $7,900 worth of possible bonuses for only $129 (with your SYNC 2018 registration) 


Click the button below to start your Journey to SYNC 2018. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017
By Darty Hines
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Promotions and Sales: Why bother? 

Do you know why Macy's department store still has a One Day Sale? Because after all these years, it still drives sales. If you have not taken notice their One Day Sales are happening with more frequency these days. With online companies taking more pieces of the consumer's pie, Macy's and other department stores are starting to rethink strategy when it comes to getting customers into the store. These strategies will include loyalty programs and summer sales to compete with Amazon's Prime Day. 

Customers like sales. They work because people like to save money. Most shoppers like to brag about how much they saved. You rarely hear someone say: "I spent $2,000 on a new TV" but they will say: "I bought a new TV for ONLY $500... I saved $1,000. The savings is a badge of honor to a savvy shopper. 

In a small business, you can still have a sale on products and services. Here are three tips when it comes to driving the sale: 

1. LIMITED TIME OFFER - When you have a clear and concise deadline for the savings, people will react. Most bookings will happen within three time periods: The day the promotion is announced. The day an early price ends. The last day of the sale. Keep those dates in mind when planning your marketing strategy. 


2. LIMITED QUANTITIES - Setting a limit to the number of photo sessions you will take during a Christmas promotion will drive those calls to book. For example, you can have success by advertising: We only have 50 available photo sessions. There is nothing wrong with selling out and having no availability. The plus side of a sold-out promotion is the urgency it will produce the next time you run a sale. Customers will not want to miss out, so they will book sooner than later.  


3. EARLY BIRD PRICING - Rewarding those who book sooner than later is a good marketing plan. Often high school senior photographers will run specials on senior photo sessions if they book earlier in the summer. They do this to relieve some of the pressures off the end of the season when many are starting to think about football photos or preparing for the holiday season. The Early Bird price rewards customers who book sooner than later. It helps fill your appointment book and once sessions start, other customers will see you are working and photographing seniors which will remind them to book their session. 


The final key is to communicate clearly with clients when it comes to sales and promotions. Make sure they are sharing about your promotion and photo sessions on social media. This creates FOMO. The fear of missing out is something you can use to your advantage. People don't like to miss out on big sales. They don't like to miss out on exciting and fun things. Especially when "everyone is doing it". When your clients are sharing their experience with friends, this is free advertising for you. 

and now for a real world application... 

SYNC 2018 has an Early Bird price that will end on October 31st. If you register on or before October 31st, you will save $200 off the regular price. We only have 200 tickets left for this portrait photography conference. We have portrait photographers from all across the USA coming to Destin, Florida to attend one of the best photography conferences on the planet. Our attendees will be posting all about their experience on social media... you don't want to have FOMO, do you? 

See what I did there? I used all my tips in the above sentence. Now it's your turn to take advantage of our Early Bird pricing. 

Register for SYNC 2018 on or before October 31st and save. You can make the investment in your business today by clicking this link

Friday, October 20, 2017
By Darty Hines
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The trade show is the hub of any successful photography conference. It's a place to meet the faces behind your favorite companies. It's an area where you can go and actually touch and hold the products you see online. And most importantly, it's a marketplace where we can spend our hard earned money on the latest camera equipment and fun stuff for our clients.  The trade show at a portrait convention is a vital part of your growth as a small business owner. Don't take our word for it, read what these talented photographers said about attending the trade show at SYNC.   


Forget online stores... send me to a photography trade show!  


"The beauty of attending the SYNC photography trade show was actually being able to have a conversation with a product rep and not feel as if you were getting pushed aside once your badge got scanned. They were able to answer questions and actually show the product or service in a setting that was more personal than being on a huge trade show floor." 

- David Grupa, Grupa Portrait Studio   


"I enjoy learning and meeting new service providers and production companies. Just like buying a car or house it's hard to do online sight unseen. I like to see and speak to those that I will be giving my hard earned dollar to."

- Lori Brady, Brady Crew Photography  


And of course, there is the ever important... 



- Fabiana Beatriz, Fabina Beatriz Photography  

In case you don't know, many times at a trade show, you will find specials and deals you will ONLY find when you attend a portrait photography conference. 


 "Straight up VIBE! The trade show at SYNC always feels alive! The vendors are upbeat, the people are excited, and there is something happening in all corners." 

- Daniele White, Turner White Photography 


The exhibiting companies also know the value of exhibiting at a trade show. Ty Fisher of rebooku talks about the face to face relationships:


"It's important to establish new connections, but also getting to meet our existing customers face to face. We are able to talk with customers and resolve some issues and struggles they may be dealing with in the industry or within their company. Our primary goal as a vendor or sponsor is to help provide business solutions for the creative small business owner. We can do that and grow relationships when we attend and exhibit at a portrait photography convention. "


Scott Crosby of Serendipity Backgrounds says:

"Many of our customers attend SYNC and say our backgrounds are excellent for senior portraits. The SYNC photography trade show puts us in front of long time customers and new photographers who are seeing our product for the first time. The trade show lets the photographers see, feel and shoot on our products in person. We also love to give attendees extra special deals that we will only offer at the photography conference.



Education is important at SYNC

The great thing about SYNC is the educational opportunities do not end once you leave the main classroom. Many times we get the best ideas in the trade show where we can talk and connect with the vendors and attendees. At the SYNC trade show, you can also visit the SYNC Sports stadium with even more learning on the subject of volume sports, schools, banners, dance, and more. Don't miss out on your chance to see all the latest products and services at SYNC 2018. 

Check out the ever-growing list of companies that will be at SYNC 2018. 


If you want to be an exhibitor or sponsor at SYNC. Send us a message today. 

Thursday, October 05, 2017
By Darty Hines
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It's that time of year when you start to notice multiple posts on social media asking: "Where should I go for continuing education.?"  With the hundreds of options these days, here are some honest insights on what you can expect when you start to look at your choices. This could be SYNC or any other photography conference or workshop. 
First, attending a live educational event is a priority if you want to grow as a photographer and business owner. There are many of options: workshops, summits. tours, in studio seminars, conventions, and conferences. Sometimes the choices can be overwhelming.

You have to ask yourself a question. What is your priority when it comes to investing in education?  Do you want to learn about business and marketing or are you looking for stylized photo shoots and portfolio building? Do you like the crowds of thousands or do you want to be in a smaller setting? The great news is, there are events for all types of learning. 

                                                       RESEARCH IS THE KEY TO YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY CONFERENCE INVESTMENT

Do your research! I have been a photographer (and educator) for 25 years and we have been creating SYNC events for 10 years. I have attended many events in and outside of the photography industry.  The most important thing you can do before investing is research. Look at the website and social media presence of your choices. Research the instructors and the event. Do they match your goals, values, and brand?
What is SYNC? Let's start with what SYNC is NOT. If you are looking to build a portfolio with stylized shoots... SYNC is not for you. Yes, I would love to have everyone come to the show, but I want to be honest. Although we do have some learning opportunities with lighting and posing demos... you will not be in small groups with models shooting on your own with portfolio building as the main goal. 
95% of SYNC is classroom-style education. We all come together in a room to be WITH each other. It's important in today's social media based world to get face to face with other creative entrepreneurs. There is nothing like sitting next to and going to meals with photographers from across the USA. You will build lasting relationships with fellow creatives when you attend live photography conferences.  


SYNC is designed with you in mind. Do NOT expect a tiny screen you can barely see or audio that you can barely hear... this is our 10th year and you can expect a well-designed classroom with the top of the line audio and video presentations from our instructors. You never have to choose at SYNC. You will see every main stage presenter. 
We love to surprise and delight our attendees. You never know what will happen at the event. Our tagline is Create. Evolve. Live. and our favorite word is Evolve. Our event is always changing. Our event is filled with creative spaces to enhance your experience and a full schedule that keeps you busy. 
We love marketing, sales, and business. It's important to the SYNC brand and your survival in this overcrowded photography market. To be honest, it can be pretty easy these days to capture a darn good image. But, can you sell it? How do you get the clients into the door? How do you survive as a business owner? These are the questions we answer for you at SYNC!
This is the 10th year of SYNC and I believe we have one of the best line-ups ever. Leading photographers and business coaches will be there with one goal in mind.. to help YOU.
Two added bonuses. We also have a nice size trade show. If you have ever wanted to put your hands on the latest equipment and products, you will love SYNC. Second, SYNC is held in one of my favorite places the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort in Destin, Florida. Our low room rates include the resort fee and other benefits. Stay a few extra days and enjoy shopping, sugar white sandy beaches, and amazing revertants. 
Education is vital to your business. LIVE education takes your business to a new level. Pick the event that best suits you and your goals. If you are serious about attending SYNC and would like a promo code, fill out the contact us form. 
I could go on and on, but I will finish with this. If photography is a hobby, we are not for you. SYNC is for hard-working business owners and photographers who are looking to grow their business. We are a welcoming community and you will make incredible new friends who will support you on your journey.
Yes, live educational events are an investment... but it is one of the best investments you will ever make for you, your community and your family.